Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan

Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan was founded in 1999 with only a handful of people. However, it has grown to be a leading company in manufacturing industrial and medical equipment in Iran. Relying on the knowledge and abilities of the youth, Behyaar Sanaat is aiming to create a brighter and more hopeful future for people. Currently, around 500 employees located at Isfahan Science and Technology Town, implement their knowledge and expertise to build more than 80 products, including medical linear accelerator for cancer treatment, CT scanners, digital radiography devices, and airport scanners
Behyaar Zist, our biotechnology branch was established in 2019. It started with the research and development for various biotechnological, medical, and cosmetic products including vaccines, molecular kits, enzymes, keratin, collagen, gelatin. Today, we have successfully produced Plasmid Purification Kit, DNA ladder, keratin, protease, permanent marker for ear tags, to name a few


Keratin is the fibrous structural protein of hair, nails, horn, hoofs, wool, feathers, and of the epithelial cells in the outermost layers of the skin. It provides important structural and protective benefits, including protecting epithelial cells from damage or stress


Collagen is the most abundant protein in human’s body found in various connective tissues, accounting for 25-35% of body protein composition. It is one of the main building blocks of bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and skin. Collagen consists of amino acids bound together to form a triple helix of elongated fibril known as a collagen helix. Different types of collagen have been identified. Type I is the major form of collagen found in the body. Around 90% of human’s collagen is type I

Fish oil

Fish oil is extracted from the tissues of fish. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids including omega-3, omega-6, omega-9

For Supplement Use
 Helpful in decreasing serum total cholesterol and triglyceride
 Helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease
 Helpful in boosting immune system

For topical use
Helpful in hydrating dry skin
 Helpful in healing dry, red, or itchy skin
 Helpful in Skin protection against sun
 Helpful in healing burn wounds

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RNA extraction kit

Behyaar Sanaat RNA extraction kit is designed for SARS-CoV-2 and facilitates the extraction of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from acellular fluids, such as throat swabs using silica columns. This kit does not use chemicals such as phenol or chloroform. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) inhibitors such as cations will be removed after two steps of thorough washing. The silica columns make it possible for pure virus RNA to be washed in a RNase free condition. Therefore, the pure extracted RNA by this kit can be used for RT-PCR, northern blotting, and next-generation sequencing


High Purity Plasmid Purification Kit

Plasmid Mini kit provides a fast and economic method for extracting plasmid DNA from bacterial culture. This method is based on DNA isolation by silica-binding in the presence of chaotropic salts
The high purity plasmid kit, isolates plasmid DNA from the cell and traps bacterial chromosomal DNA using the alkaline lysis procedure. Compared to existing hazardous and time-consuming methods, such as phenol-chloroform and ethanol precipitation, this kit reduces the extraction time to 40 minutes. The High Purity Plasmid Purification Kit removes RNA and other types of impurities that could decrease the quality and purity of plasmid DNA. Therefore, it improves reliability and reproducibility of downstream applications


Ear tag permanent marker

There are two ways of writing information on ear tags, laser printing and writing by hand using a specific marker. Using the marker is more convenient and does not have limitations associated with laser print. The permanent marker creates sharper and more durable markings compared to laser print. Behyaar Sanaat ear tag permanent marker is used for marking livestock by writing on their ear tags
With its high quality and competitive pricing, Behyaar Sanaat ear tag permanent markers are a good choice for livestock owners. Markings made by this marker are resistant to heat, sunlight, moisture, and chemical substances such as detergents and disinfectants


DNA ladder

Behyaar Sanaat 250-bp DNA ladder comes in 250, 500, and 1000 µl. It is designed to measure and determine the quality of double-stranded DNA on 0.7-2% Agarose Gel. This DNA ladder contains nine DNA fragments ranging from 100 bp to 2000 bp. The 1000 bp fragment intensity has been increased to serve as a reference band. In this ready-to-use DNA ladder, the gel loading dye and the DNA ladder are mixed in one tube for more convenient use