SAP Company


Salamat Azin Parsian Company abbreviated as SAP, has been integrating science and nature to produce natural cosmetic products. Based on the knowledge and experience of its managers, SAP is proud to produce the best quality cosmetics based on the natural products with traditional medicine approach in Iran.

Amazing leech oil properties

In summary, the amazing properties of leech oil, which are included in various studies, are as follows: Preventing premature aging and reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin, reducing frown and laugh lines, tightening and enlarging the breasts, enlarging the male vital tool (PENIS), increasing the vitality of men and overcoming frigidity in women, muscle mass increasing for athletes, highlighting the cheek without the need for fat injection, buttock enlargement and tightening wrinkly stomach after pregnancy


The main cosmetic products of SAP are based on the leech and its products including leech oil. Several studies have shown that the extracted oil from the leech accelerates blood flow to some organs of the body and leads to enlarging them, which is used in traditional medicine to increase muscle growth. Nowadays, its amazing effects are known and can be a good alternative to chemical creams and Botox. In fact, leech oil is absorbed through the skin by massaging, therefore the living cells are constantly reproducing to re place the dead cells.

The following products are provided by SAP

  • Cosmetics packages for men and women
  • Special enlargement packages for men and women


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